AcSiP has been focused on RF relevant products as core technologies from mobile phone, consumer electronic industry product to low power WAN IoT modules.

We have accumulated 5 kinds of core technologies:

        1. Rich & Comprehensive wireless communication products portfolio

        2. Antenna selection & optimization

        3. System in Package technologies

        4. System integration capabilities

        5. Software/Firmware development & deployment

With these core competences, we support customers to get their IoT products connected much easier and faster.  So that customers focus on executing application with added values.

♦ Purpose:
We have provided hardware development resource and tool to help clients integrating RF module with matched antenna, excellent designing well in power source, digital and analog peripherals according to the reference design of product.
♦ Software:
User can choose default firmware to test EVK through serial port by AT command sets or pick up suitable SDK to develop proprietary application for this platform.
Essential tool and package can help clients to pass those wireless certifications for worldwide regulations.

This figure of hardware development domain categorized in several parts.  Developers can checkout those resources to help themselves be similar in RF feature and take more effort on software application development of the product.

Hardware development resource let customers design AcSiP modules easily to get RF performance better, passing wireless test to get certification. User could save time of HW design to speed up application development and product ecosystem operation.

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