QWhat user need to care about in deployment of sigfox application product designed with ST50H/ST50HE/AI50H?

User should get essential data of ID, Keys, & PAC from local provider of sigfox service then download them into individual device by official tool of Cube Programmer.

QHow to choose a better consumption model in ST50X series product?

ST50HE has excellent performance both on consumption and TRX efficiency. If user develops a battery based IoT product, it could meet such requirement.

        The configuration of ‘STOP’ mode with RTC state machine show this approval.

QHow the wireless certification procedure of ST50X series end product could be run?

User could refer to the document of ST50X_ApplicationNote_Ver.X for RF design highlight and AcSiP will provide relevant experience of FCC/CE/TELEC/NCC test, essential tools to help user in this case.  Additionally, the shielding cover has be considered against Emission test item especially.


Shielding Cover design is recommended EMI suppression.

QHow is the consumption of ST50H running on LoRaWAN Class A state?

The every datasheet of ST50X series show individual LoRa TRX consumption for reference.

Actually LoRaWAN Class A scenario has combine several individual TRX with CR parameter and flow control condition. User could calculate those data from essential behavior to sum up total consumption depend on runtime situation.

QCould ST50H support the feature of FOUTA -2022Q1?

The feature has been developed several years for integrated varies specifications and user can refer to TR002 LoRaWAN for further understand and preparation.

So far the SDK of ST50,AcSiP edition, developed based on STM32WL official release edition could not support this feature.