AcSiP could provide HW/SW resource and relevant technical materials to help clients implement their design cases smoothly in developing stage. 
In the beginning, there is a general flow to illustrate those categorized materials using purpose and its domain info relative the subject. 


Secondary, user could find above resource on main page of each individual product; For instance, within tab page of ‘SW & Tools’, developer can get relevant software resources which are included SDK, binary firmware, manual of command set…

For those resources, we have provided three types of training courses to meeting demand from clients have schedule limited and there are further material info list on below table.

Subject Description Domain
Technical Docs Product Specification, Reference design and sales kit. FAE / Sales
HDT Hardware development kit for HW
SDT SDK build and flash download user manaual.  Protocols and utility usage for local regulation and certification. SW
Engineering Test Feature performance test and local regulation tool manaual. HW / SW
Ecosystem User mode fuctionality and scenario test.  Field test and LPWAN deployment guide. SW

Friendly reminding that,

  1. if there is any question about technical matters, user could contact with sales window directly or leave a message through our E-Service


  1. If the material you got has not satisfied your need ,please cehck the sales for it as possible as you can. 

For more information, or for sales inquiries, please contact AcSiP Technology Corp.