Embedded Software

AcSiP has not only provided RF module total solution, customized PCBA design service but also embedded software resource and various IoT platform development experience in driver, peripheral I/O, middleware, protocol integration.

The embedded software has separated two kinds of type as below figure:


♦ Firmware
This binary file built from SDK, support the module BSP and essential RF control driver with protocol, provide AT command to drive this module through serial port (UART interface) and there are several common scenario for user to develop its application based on those behaviors including join networking, send data, receiver data, configuring data and so on.
User can integrated the module with Firmware solution to existed host system and control by host UART I/F to add such RF feature for wireless connectivity application. 

Most of module provide open source solution to let user develop this application with the module MCU instead of existed host. The effort must to take is software migration and integrated. The benefit is hardware cost and more efficacy in specific. Additionally, SDK solution development resource need software engineer to know well in RF protocol and scenario as well.

Due to embedded software was developed from the platform BSP(Board support Package) and it can be categorized as OS and Non-OS series to meet different features integrated on platform for optimize sync/async tasks of software access flow.

Embedded SW can be a proprietary SDK and need to license by business deal.
Embedded SW can be controlled only via specified I/F without development right.
Embedded SW can be a branch from Open SDK with proprietary SW part integrated inside.
Open SDK can create a Open Embedded SW
Embedded SW of AcSiP has developed value-added private functions for customers’ demand.


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