Package including

。EVK board X1

。Antenna X1


Support Peripheral





。 Console Baud-Rate :115200   







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General Description

The S76S integrates ARM Coretex®-M0+ (32-bit RISC core operating at a 32MHz frequency) MCU and LoRa/FSK modulation that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimizing current consumption.The S76S is the first SiP module of LoRa in the world as well.

The S76S can achieve a sensitivity of over -137 dBm. The high sensitivity combined with the integrated +20 dBm power amplifier yields industry leading link budget making it optimal for any low data rate application requiring range or robustness. LoRa also provides significant advantages in both blocking and selectivity over conventional modulation techniques, solving the traditional design compromise between range, interference immunity and energy consumption.

Part Number Frequency Range Spreading Factor Bandwidth Effective Bitrate Est. Sensitivity
S76S 902~928MHz 6~12 62.5~500KHz 146~37500bps -109 to -137dBm

Electrical Characteristics

Power Consumption Characteristics

Symbol Parameter Conditions Typ. Max. Unit
IDDSL Supply current in Sleep mode Sleep Stop Mode   5 uA
IDDST Supply current in Standby mode Crystal oscillator 9 9.6 mA
IDDR Supply current in Receive mode   17.5   mA
  Supply current in Transmit RF SetPW = +20 dBm 127    
IDDT mode with impedance RF SetPW = +17 dBm 82   mA
  matching RF SetPW = +13 dBm 65    
    RF SetPW = + 7 dBm 49    

Mechanical Dimension (mm)

Recommand Reflow Profile

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General Description

The EK-S76SXB KIT board provides an affordable way for user to try out LPWAN IoT applications or new concepts evaluation. It also compliance with XBee board formfactory to support sensor node application in wireless connectivity feature.

User can download firmware built from SDK into S76S via programmer ,ST-Link, to test software flow and debug error according to log shown on common termanal tool.


Package Information

Item Count Description
EK-S76SXB KIT 1 Micro USB for Power source and RS232 I/F
Antenna (option) 1 High band for EU868, US915, AS923

SW & Tools

User can configure RS232 terminal tool to control EK-S76SXB KIT board for SW validation and application development.

Pin Definition

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Product Brief S76S_Brief_ver02.pdf Free
Product Spec. (Datasheet) S76S_SPEC_Ver.M.pdf LoginContact Us
Application Note S7xS series_Application Note_Ver.B.pdf LoginContact Us
EVK User Guide EK-S76SXB User Guide Rev.C.pdf Free
Footprint S7XS_Footprint.7z LoginContact Us
Firmware S76S_Firmware(AS923.EU868.US915)_V1-6-5.7z LoginContact Us
Commands Set Reference S7678S_Commands_Set_Reference_1.6.5_RC11(CN).pdf LoginContact Us
Commands Set Reference S7678S_Commands_Set_Reference_1.6.5_RC11(EN).pdf LoginContact Us
Item Description Download Link
Wireless Certification(FCC) S76S-FCC LoginContact Us
Wireless Certification(TELEC) S76S-TELEC LoginContact Us
LoRaAllicance S76S-LoRaAllicance LoginContact Us
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