WiFi4 2.4/5G + BT 4.2

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Package including

。EVK board X1


。Antenna (option) X1

Support Peripheral

。 ARM Cortex M4 MCU up to 192 MHz

。 28 GPIO/PWM multiplexed pins

。 one I2S interfaces

。 Two I2C Master interfaces

。 4 channel 12-bit ADC

。 Two UART interfaces and one debug UART

。 One SPI master/slave

。 IrDA interface


。Console used for debug (Putty): baud_rate is 115200

。F/W update tool: connect board and execute F/W upgrade tool 

# Install the flash tool:

# Follow the steps to complete the installation:

# Config COM port:

# Download and Upload image file:

For more information, or for sales inquiries, please contact AcSiP Technology Corp.

General Description

AcSiP Technology Corp. introduces a low-cost and low-power consumption IoT module.This stand-alone module is an operating system designed for wearable or samrt home devices with smart connection and cloud application/services.

AI7697HD is a highly integrated SIP module which features an application processor, a low power 1x1 11n Dual-band Wi-Fi subsystem, a Bluetooth subsystem, and a Power Management Unit. The application processor subsystem contains an ARM Cortex-M4F MCU, which has many peripherals, including UART, I2C, SPI, I2S, PWM, IrDA, and auxiliary ADC. AI7697HD also includes embedded SRAM/ROM and an external 4MB serial flash.

Developers can implement their IoT applications using this RTOS SDK and there is a example of AWS access for cloud service feature to present  big data monitor scenario.

Part Number Core Flash / Memory Wi-Fi / BLE HW Crypto Peripherals
AI7697HD ARM Cortex-M4 192Mhz 4MB 1T1R 802.11a/b/g/n AES256, 3DES, SHA1/2 ADC, I2S, IR, SPI
    SRAM 352KB BT 4.2 LE   I2C, UART, PWM

RF Characteristics

5G 802.11a Transmit (Conductive)

Item Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Frequeny range   5180   5825 MHz
Tx Power Level OFDM 12.0 14 16.0 dBm
Frequency Tolerance   -15 0 15 ppm
Modulation Accuracy All Data Rate   -29 -28 dB

5G 802.11a Receiver (Conductive)

Item Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Frequency Range   Channel 1   Channel 13  
Min. Input 54Mbps PER<10% -76.5 -74.5 -72.5 dBm


Pin Information

The module will conform to the following pin map

PIN no. Pin Name PIN no. Pin Name PIN no. Pin Name
1 GPIO29 16 GPIO35 31 SPI_HOLD
2 GPIO30 17 GPIO34 32 SPI_CLK
3 GPIO28 18 GPIO33 33 SPI_DI
4 GPIO27 19 GND 34 RTC_3V3
5 PMU_EN_WF 20 NC 35 GND
7 GPIO59 22 GND 37 GPIO32
8 GPIO58 23 GPIO0 38 GPIO31
9 GPIO57 24 GPIO1 39 3V3
10 GPIO39 25 GPIO2 40 GND
11 SYS_RST_N 26 GPIO3 41 Thermal GND
12 GPIO38 27 GPIO6 42 Thermal GND
13 GPIO37 28 SPI_CS 43 Thermal GND
14 3V3 29 SPI_DO 44 Thermal GND
15 GPIO36 30 SPI_WP    


Recommand Reflow Profile


For more information, or for sales inquiries, please contact AcSiP Technology Corp.

General Description


The EK-AI7697HDXB KIT board provides an affordable way for user to try out WiFi Node in IoT applications or new concepts evaluation. The development board uses MT7697DN as a standalone development platform of RTOS to implement samrt home 、building and so on IoT projects.It is based on AI7697X series stamp module, with ARM Cortex-M4 with floating point MCU in package.The HDK enable rich connectivity features, communication with cloud services and real-time control.


Package Information

Item Count Description
EK-AI7697HDXB KIT 1 Micro USB for Power source and RS232 I/F
Antenna (option) 1 2.4G / 5G for WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n & Bluetooth

SW & Tools

User can configure RS232 terminal tool to control EK-AI7697HDXB KIT board for SW validation and application development.


User can use any terminal program to control this module by built i command sets.

Pin Definition

For more information, or for sales inquiries, please contact AcSiP Technology Corp.

Item Description Download Link
Product Brief AI7697HD Product Brief_V03.pdf Free
Product Spec. (Datasheet) AI7697HD_SPEC_Ver.E_Final.pdf LoginContact Us
Application Circuit AI76x7H Series Application Circuit Ver.B (20211005).pdf LoginContact Us
EVK User Guide EK-AI7687HXB_EK-AI7697HXB_EK-AI7697HDXB HDK User Guide_Ver.F.pdf Free
Item Description Download Link
Wireless Certification(CE) AI7697HD_CE_Certificate.7z LoginContact Us
Wireless Certification(FCC) AI7697HD_FCC_Certificate.7z LoginContact Us
Wireless Certification(NCC) AI7697HD_NCC_Certificate.7z LoginContact Us
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