S76S got LoRaWAN Certification

Posted on 9  29, 2016



AcSiP Technology Corp. - S76S

The S76S is designed & manufactured in a smallest form factor - SiP ( System in Package ). It integrate with Semtech SX1276 and a 32-bit ultra low power Cortex M0L MCU ( STM32L073x ), supporting global 868 MHz or 915 MHz ISM-Bands. Capable of 2-way communication and reach over 16 km ( 10 miles ) distance in our field test. 

This product is designed with multiple easy to use interface ( I2C/SPI/UART/GPIO ), fine-tuned RF performance and will be offered with complete SDK library & ready to go HDK, it can significantly help the users to shrink the size of end device and simplify the development efforts for any LoRa applications.
AcSiP, as the name literally implied, we are an “Advanced Communication SiP” solution provider. We provide series LoRa module & SiP solutions. Test House Report

*Note. From: " LoRaWAN™ Certified Products "  "Test House Report"