Introducing the world's smallest LoRa+MCU solution with the utilization of SiP process

Posted on 13 September 2016


The world's first SiP (System in Package) processed LoRa+MCU solution is presented today through the extraordinary collaboration between the world-leading Internet of Things solution providers Gemtek Technology and AcSiP. Gemtek Technology is a renowned wireless broadband manufacturer, as AcSiP is a professional module manufacturer.

SiP shrinkage is one of the core technologies of module miniaturization. And by applying this superior advanced technology into the production of LoRa+MCU integrated products under the SiP semiconductor packaging framework, Gemtek Technology ( and AcSiP ( have successfully come up with a 13mm x 11mm module, which is relatively smaller in size in contrast to the former 18mm x 18mm module. This excessively decreased footprint requirement in terms of PCBA space, which could render more flexibility and broader potentials for future customer product designs due to its miniature size and may well benefit the now popular wearable device products on the market. LoRa-MCU SiP module is the highly anticipated solution for the consumer electronics industry in recent years.

Gemtek and AcSiP are the pioneers in introducing the LoRa+MCU SiP product to the world.

The current LoRa+MCU SiP joins togther the advantages of small-size and high-integration, which not only enables end product designs to be lighter in weight, but also simplifies the PCBA design, and therefore significantly reduce the time and cost in customer induction, research and development.
Gemtek and AcSiP are the pioneers in introducing the LoRa+MCU SiP product to the world. LoRa chips are developed by Semtech. MCU (Microprogrammed Control Unit) are developed by STMicro. This SiP package has incorporated the crystal, RF switch and matching circuits etc. With the support from the original manufacturers, it draws the goal to achieve high-level integration for solution providers within the industry closer to market expectations. And with the cooperation among these original companies, applications and availability may be enhanced to a higher standard. LoRa wireless technology emphasizes the quality features of long distance, high penetration, high sensitivity etc., which may complement the shortfalls seen between BT/Wi-Fi and 2G/4G. The LoRa wireless technology demonstrates infinite possibilities and is expected to achieve higher grounds.

The LoRa solution provides a complete set of SDK/HDK package, which is compatible with LoRaWAN and may help customers to accomplish various application developments via a faster pace. AcSiP has mentioned that with the support of a simple solution and robust technical foundation, they aspire to promote the establishment of more LoRa devices, in a way to accelerate and expand the scope of applications associated with the Internet of Things.
Overseeing all advantages, the LoRa+MCU SiP is expected to replace the former LoRa solution that used to adopt module or CoB packaging methods and will be engaged in a wider span of LoRa applications, which includes home automation applications as in wearable devices, domestic tracking devices, machinery and merchandise tracking devices, home-care applications, landslide and waterlevel monitors, pollution prewarning systems, smart electricity meters etc. Smart city street and relevant management facilities may employ the technology to improve the prospects of living.

*Note. From: " Introducing the world's smallest LoRa+MCU solution with the utilization of SiP process "