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Item Description Download
ST50H_Databrief ST50H_Brief_Ver.02.pdfFree
ST50H_Datasheet ST50H_SPEC_Ver D_website.pdfFree
ST50H_User guide EK-ST50 User Guide Ver.C .pdfFree
ST50H_Application note ST50H_ApplicatoinNote_Ver.F.pdfFree
ST50H_Firmware Binary image for LoRaMAC control by AT commands setFree
ST50H_SDK ST50H SDK resource included LoRaWAN projects of End_Node、 AT_Slave and MCU periphials examplesFree
ST50H_SDK Guide User manual to guide how to setup IDE (EWARM、MDKARM、 STM32CubeIDE)、build out binary file by SDK and programming ST50H as wellFree
ST50H_Commands Set User manual for AT commands set to control ST50H in LoRa/LoRaWAN network scenarioFree
ST50H_RF Test ST50H radio transmit and receive test reportFree
ST50H_Field Test ST50H field test report – indoor / outdoorFree